Friday, June 6, 2014

Simple Crocheted Necklace

Simple Crocheted Necklace - front view

Hello! I know you are very excited about this simple crocheted necklace I mention on my blog post here. I really enjoyed making this one. I was surprised about the outcome, I thought at first that I still need to blocked it but the outcome is just the way I like it. 

As I search on this type of stitch I found out that they are called the leaf stitch or crocodile stitch. I have seen beautiful crochet pieces using this stitch. It can be use on shawls, scarf, shoes, slippers, bags, blankets and many more. The use of the stitch is endless.

For this necklace, I used No 8 Mercerized cotton thread and my trusty no 5 steel hook. Yes I used this hook more often. I love it very much! Since I have this hook for a long time now, I can adjust my gauge without using a bigger or smaller hook. Just like I did on my small flower tutorial and my 6 year old crochet purse

This necklace was crocheted from bottom to top. And if you look closely you are looking at the wrong side of crochet. It took me many rewinds on the video until I figured it out! Thank you so much BobWilson123 for the wonderful tutorial! And once you are familiar with the stitch you can just increase it or make it horizontally depending on your need. 

I don't really have an idea when it comes to jewelry making or by simply attaching the chains, but the idea of weaving it at the back as shown below works for me. :D 

Simple Crocheted Necklace - Back Side

I bought the chains and lock in Wellmanson Divisoria. They have a lot of it including beads and things that you can use for accessories like keychains, bags, bracelets etc. This is a go to place if you are looking for a wide variety of beads, chains, locks etc. By the way they also have a place in Quiapo just in case you are near there. :)

I hope you are inspired to try one too. :) Once again, thank you BobWilson123 for this very detailed video tutorial. Let me know if you have tried this stitch and what your experience was.  God bless and Happy Crocheting! 


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