Sunday, September 13, 2015

Monaco & Cannon Crochet Cotton 8

Have you tried to crochet using thread? Here in the Philippines long before crochet becomes a hit, our grandmothers used to crochet using Monaco and Cannon Crochet thread. Both are no 8 mercerized cotton thread which is perfect for almost everything! From blouses to shorts, bikinis to cover ups, doilies to bed covers and what not. Steel hook no 7, 5 & 2 are also perfect hooks for these threads.

Mercerization is a treatment for cellulosic materials, typically cotton threads, that strengthens them and gives them a lustrous appearance. -- From Wikipedia

Monaco and Cannon thread have wide range of colors from solid to multi and are colorfast too! I've used these threads couple of times on my projects which you can also find *here*.   I am so happy that until now I can still use the *coin purse*  I've crocheted years ago. This only proves that these threads are not only colorfast they are tough too which make this an ideal thread for your heirloom projects.  These threads are also very easy to use and it doesn't split which makes crocheting fun and faster.

Since I love these threads so much, I decided to open a small shop in* facebook*. If you are in the Philippines, you may  PM me for your orders and inquiries or maybe just chat about crochet. :)

The Butterfly

The Star Flower

Neox tanktop made by talented Mimi Alelis

Thank you for dropping by and reading my post. Happy Crocheting & God bless!


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