Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Simple iPhone Cozy

Simple iPhone Cozy

Hello Dears! :) Lately, I've been posting gadget cozies because I find it fun and easy to make. It is also my way of mastering new found stitch. :) And also let us not forget that we also need it to protect our precious gadgets. If your interested, you may find the free tutorials here and here

Since I rarely put my phone on my pocket I thought I should make one that I can carry around with out the need of a purse. I intentionally made the sling removable so that I have an option to remove it just in case I have to put it inside my purse. Worry not because I designed this for beginners so you can expect that the pattern is very easy to follow. No fancy stitches just a repetition of single and double crochet. :) 

Simple iPhone Cozy Twins
with or without the sling
I really had a great time making this on Red Heart Reflective yarn. The yarn is very soft and has a velvety feel so even though it is classified as bulk, you will not have difficulty using a smaller hook. :) Plus! It's shining! Did I say that correctly? I think so.. Just use the flash on you camera and you'll know what I'm talking about. Don't say I didn't warn you. :p How I wish I have more of this yarn. The possibilities is just endless. :D

Simple iPhone Cozy button
i soooo love the vintage button!

Alright so let's start..

Materials Used:
Red Heart Reflective in Neon Pink
Hook G6/4.00mm
Blunt Needle

Finished Sized: 5" x 3" (iPhone 4s)

Stitch Used: (US Term)
Chain = ch
Slip Stitch = sl st
Single Crochet = sc
Double Crochet = dc
Skip Stitch = sk st

 Ch 13
 R1. Dc from 3rd ch from hook, dc on next st around (3 sc on both ends), sl st on ch 2. (26)
 R2. Ch 1, sc around (26)
 R3. Ch 2, dc on the back loop (26)
 R4, R6, R8, R10. Ch 1 sc on the back loop around (26)
 R5, R7, R9, R11. Repeat R3 (26)
 R12. Ch1, *sc on the next 10 st, ch2, sk1 st* sl st
 R13. Ch1, *sc on the next 10 st, 2 sc on ch2 sp*

 R14. Ch2, *dc on next st* (13)
 R15-16. Rep R14
 R17-18. Ch1, *sc on next st*
 R19. Ch1, sc on same st, sc on next 4 st, ch 2, skip 2st, sc on next 6th st 
 R20. Ch1, sc on same st, sc on next 4 st, 2 sc on ch2 space, sc on next 6th st (13)
Cut and weave the end using blunt needle.

For the strap. Chain 2, *2 Dc, Ch2 turn*. Keep repeating this till you get your desired length. 

God Bless & Happy Crocheting! 


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