Sunday, May 25, 2014

Hard Disk Drive Covers

HDD Drive Covers

Some time last month I saw this IPAD case tutorial by Bonnie Barker and I got really interested on the design. It's simple but the way it was done was very intriguing. :) I admit, I had a hard time following the pattern. Not because it is not clear, I am just not in to reading patterns (I still have to practice more on that area). Good thing, my brother helped me in deciphering the steps. After everything we've been through I just found out that there's a tutorial on how to make celtic weave in the round. 0_0. That's the cover with pink and blue color. I posted the tutorial here with bunch of videos too! 

The 2nd cover is a lacy type of design which helps the HDD to breath. Aside from protecting it from scratch it allows the air to come in and out to avoid the device from overheating. Because I love you all so much, I'll be posting the tutorial for this cover too. Stay tuned!

Edited: As promised, tutorial for the 2nd cover is now up. I have name it Lacy HDD Cozy :) Check it out!

With these 2 covers I think your HDD is very much protected. ;)


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