Saturday, May 24, 2014

Treasures found!

Hi Dears! I hope you are having a very good time spending the remaining days of summer. :) While some of you may be enjoying the heat of Mr. Sun on a beach, some are going to the mall to save some electricity and I'm one of them. lol

While waiting for Joses, my boyfriend, I chanced upon  Craft for a cause section on Kultura Filipino store in Megamall. The launch of this section is to help benefit non-profit organizations. Products are made by underprivileged members of society trained by various foundations through livelihood programs aimed at enriching their lives and making them self-sufficient. (script from a post in Philstar)

This coin purse below is made out of Retaso or t-shirt yarn by women of Baseco Tondo. Isn't it a beauty? How I wish I can recreate this through crochet. 
Coin Purse made of t-shirt yarn

Coin Purse made of t-shirt yarn (open flap)
This is really made for coins! :) It has velcro and zipper to keep the coins from slipping. 

Coin Purse made of t-shirt yarn side view
This is thick and you can hardly see any hole on it. This was done perfectly!

Treasures Found - Jeepney toys/displays, Dishcloths, Coin Purses
The colorful jeepneys on the upper left side is mouth- and hand-painted by Persons With Disabilities (PWD's) at the Tahanang Walang Hagdan (Home without Stairs). Those colorful dishcloths on the upper right side are so soft and also made out of t-shirt yarn. Yes you are right! the one's in color red is crocheted! Picture on the lower box are more dishcloths and coinpurses

It was almost lunch time and I've been craving for Korean chicken so we decided to have a taste at Kyochon Chicken Restaurant. :) We ordered two flavors of chicken the Red series and Honey Series. Red Series are their spicy version. It's not so spicy for me just enough kick to keep me going. :p And for Honey Series, it's sweet but not too sweet. I guess kids will love it. How I wish they also have thigh and breast part aside from legs and wings. I also love their rice. I'ts soft, fragrant and a little sticky just the way I like it. :) 

KyoChon Chicken Restaurant
Their CR is so cute (upper right side). Look at the accent on the lower part, I thought they are woods that are use for cooking the chicken lol! But they are not, those are rocks. 

KyoChon Chicken Restaurant Menu
Steam Rice, Red Series, Honey Series, Taste like lemon drink ( I forgot the name!)

Have you tried milk tea? You should, it's delicious and healthy! We got ours from Happy Lemon. Joses ordered Milk Tea with Oreo Cookies and Cream and mine is Matcha with Adzuki Bean and Pudding. :)

Happy Lemon
He spelled my name right! Happy Customer of Happy Lemon. <3

Another treasure found! The Dress below is from Petit Monde. I think this is prettier when crocheted. What do you think? 

Petit Monde Dress

I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy!

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