Tuesday, April 22, 2014

African Flower Bag

For the spirit of summer i am sharing this African flower bag and coin purse that i made. :) The pattern I used here is not mine totally. I just saw Gantsilyo Guru made a bed cover out of it and it was love at first sight. I could imagine myself sleeping on it and not wanting to get up. :D Because of that I started my quest for a perfect African flower on my favorite site Pinterest. In just few clicks I found the perfect pattern for me! I thought of making a backpack but then I realized it would be better if I make a sling bag instead. 

The yarns I used are locally made from Baguio. And the hook I used is 5.00mm. To view the African flower pattern please click on this link

I had so much fun working on the motifs specially on choosing the colors for each one. Instead of crocheting the handle I just use the handle from my old bag. And I think it adds character to it. I also took the tassel from my old bag. :)

African Flower Bag

Coin purse

African Flower Crochet Bag with sling


African Flower Crochet Bag

African Flower Crochet Bag when worn
African Flowers: Key Chains
African Flower keychain. They are just too cute. Right?

I was caught off guard by Ate Nors (my office mate) Thought I should include this as well. ;)
Thank you for taking the pictures ate Nors and for you guys for reading. I hope I inspired you to make crocheted bag as well. 

Happy Crocheting! 

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