Monday, April 21, 2014

Baguio Yarns

Hello Guys! I hope you had a wonderful Easter as much as I do. :) 

I just want to share this treasure I found in Baguio! :) I'm not really sure if this yarn is native there. But they have lots of it. From single strand to double to triple and a lot more! The only regret I had was not checking the other stores for yarns I can use for making bonnets or clothing. But nevertheless, I am happy for what I found! 

You may find this yarn inside Hangar market on the 2nd floor. If this is not available on the store next to the stairs you may check on other stores inside. 

Yarns are bought per kilo and they are way more cheaper compared to other local yarns I bought. I got 12 pcs and they amounted between 300-400 php. 

While we waited for the check-in time, I couldn't sit still and just be contented to look at the yarns under the table. I think they were calling may name so there, I started my first ever crocheted sling bag! You may want to check it out I had the photo at the later part of this blog. :) 

Official Yarn addict! 

This is the 2nd batch and given by my ever supported boyfriend.

Thank you for reading!

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