Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Corner to Corner Crochet Pattern

I was browsing on some posts on The Crochet Crowd facebook page when I saw posts about C2C. I said what? HAHA That was the first time I heard about it. So the first thing I did was search for a youtube tutorial. Tadaa! I got the pattern from Mikey himself!

I really don't have plans on making an afghan out of it yet. So instead of making one, I made a cover for our fridge. I used the yarns I bought from Baguio. :) The pattern was easy and fun to make!

For the flower, I got the pattern from tejiendoperu. Make sure to follow them. They have lots of crochet inspirations that will keep you hookin'. :) I forgot to pin it on my board! Luckily I still have the screenshot. :p

I planned of using it as the pocket itself but since I can't figure out how make it flat I just skip the last 2 rows. And a flower was born. And it was perfect! 

Thank you for stopping by. Happy crocheting! :)

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