Monday, December 16, 2013

Crochet Adventure

And so it begins..

As I was thinking of what project to make, I can't decide on where to start. So I browsed and browsed the net. I had made my constant trip to Pinterest and some blogs.

You see, once you pinned a picture in Pinterest a new page is suggested which is somehow related to what you just pinned. So there, I kept on pinning crocheted baby items. Babies are so adorable even with just a beanie on them. ^_^ And so it hit me. I started with baby beanie. Just a simple one for a starter like me.

Here you go.

Chuchu is so adorable in the preemie bonnet. :)

I got the pattern from imtopsyturvy. It's so simple and easy to make and pattern comes in different sizes so you can make beanies for your friends and family member. :)

As soon as I got the yarn from Gantsilyo Guru I started crocheting. I finished it in just one sitting and so I decided to make a partner booties for this beanie. Lucky me, she also has a tutorial for wrap around boots. If there is no diagram on this one. I don't think I can follow through. Good thing she has 2 patterns for the booties one for a baby and new born infant. :)

I made the right boots just fine. HAHAHA. But since I do not have the buttons yet I decided to change it a bit.. I just change the color and made some backpost and frontpost stitch and voila! I also added ribbon for extra security. The booties fits upto 1 yr old.

Materials Used:
Red Heart Baby Sheen in Powder Blue
Red Heart Baby TLC White
For the hook, you may follow what is on the pattern. But for me, I used 3.75mm.


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