Friday, October 25, 2013

My 6 yr old crocheted coin purse

As I mention on my previous blog, I have fallen in love on this craft all over again. :)

Before telling you what I am crocheting now, let me tell you what I was crocheting then..


Yes, it's a coin purse. :) The picture looks antique. I haven't washed it for a long time now. Hahaha.

Few of the reasons I love about making coin purse is that it's challenging and small enough for me to play with. And because I used mercerized cotton thread (they got lots of color to choose from). Color combination is not really a problem. When it comes to durability, well the first picture is my 6 yr old coin purse. :D

Here are few of the coin purse I made just recently.

I just combined 2 threads to achieve the thickness I like. And of course for durability too. (Hey, that's the technique. It was taught by Joanne, my first ever tutor.) I used  double crochet, single crochet and some imagination to get the design I have in mind. For the zipper, I just hand sewn them. There are times that I have to unravel it when it doesn't look good. Yes, that's the challenging part but once you finished it, believe me it's worth the effort.

You may add a bling or blings of your choice. As for this design, I just put made a circle. It's simple, cute and I guess it completes the look. 

Thanks to the net, most of my crochet inspiration comes from it. Just like the one I have below. 

Isn't lovely? I got the idea from Sugar Junkie. I imagine cute little girls in ruffles when I first saw this. 

I'm still making crocheted coin purse. If you are not in the mood yet of making one, I can make them for you. It's an ideal gift as well. :)

Thank you and happy crocheting!


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