Sunday, October 6, 2013

Bright light


I've been searching for a business venture or something I can do as a sideline for a long time now. Then suddenly just a month a go it hit me!

Yes and it was so hard. I just smiled to myself and said kaya pla. It was crocheting!!! After reading blogs from Ms GantsilyoGuro I found that I am falling in love again to this craft. It has everything that I need. 
  • Hassle Free
  • No time limit
  • Creative
  • and most of all FUN
I guess what I should watch for is myself, from hoarding beautiful yarns I can set my eyes on! After reading a blog from Ms Minimalist, I kind of have goosebumps. I admit I'm a person who has eyes on anything crafty. I have projects which are halfway done (scrapbooks, drawings etc) and now crochet. I'm scared that after buying much yarn I might find a new interest and leave the yarns for storage. Leaving me frustrated and broke. I pray that it does not happen and if it does I hope that I can pick up myself again. 

Anyway, enough of the future worries. For now, I will enjoy doing crochet, buying only the yarns I need and making beautiful projects. :) 

By the way I bought 6 spools of local yarn from YSM. :D That is not counted as hoarding right? And Christmas is fast approaching so giving away beautiful crocheted projects are not that bad after all. I decided to use local yarn for now since imported products is kind of pricey and besides I'm still on the learning process. :). 


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