Saturday, May 3, 2014

It's Bobble Time - Crocheted Baby Blanket

I've always been fascinated with bubbles. Their just so cute and I think they have magic that they can just turn a gloomy day into a joyful one. :)  This is where I got my inspiration for my first baby blanket. 

I haven't tried making a big blanket though. I think that is one thing I'll do in the near future. For now, I'll focus on more realistic project. Like this one. 

This measures 26 x 25 in. A very light and S-O-F-T blanket that babies will definitely love! The stitch is very simple. It's just a combination of single crochet, double crochet and chain/s.  I recommend you to try Red Heart TLC in Yellow and White. They are very affordable and is widely available. :) By the way I got these beautiful yarns from Gantsilyo Guru herself. You can find her blog here and her store here

Catalina Stan explained it properly on this youtube video. 

If I am going to make another blanket like this one, I'll be using 2 strands of Red Heart TLC in White just to match the thickness of the yellow yarn. But all in all I really enjoyed my first baby blanket. :) 

Thank you for reading! God bless!

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