Sunday, May 25, 2014

Lacy HDD Cozy

Lacy HDD Cozy

Hi Dears! As promised here's the lacy HDD Cozy to give your device that extra protection when in use as mentioned on my Hard Disk Drive Covers blog. You can substitute the yarn and hook size. If you want to increase or decrease the size, just take note that the pattern is in multiples of 8. 

Materials used:
Hook 3.25mm
3ply Baguio Yarn
Blunt Needle

Finished Size: 
5inx3.75in (approx)

Stitch Used: (US Term)
Chain = ch
Half Double Crohet = hdc
Double Crochet = dc
Double Crochet Two Together = dc2tog
Single Crochet = sc
Slip Stitch = sl st

Pattern Notes: 
  • Starting ch/s on R2 and R3 is not counted as st
  • dc2tog = yo insert hook on designated stitch, pull up a loop, yo pull through 2 loops, yo insert hook on 4th st pull up a loop, yo through 2 loops, yo through 3 loops
Edited: Please see the minor change made on the pattern. (in red bold letters)

Chain 16+3
R1. DC on the 4th ch from hook, dc on the next st, 5 dc on each end, sl st on ch-3 (40)
R2. Ch 1, sc on same st, sc on next st around, sl st on first sc (40)
R3. Ch 2, dc on same st, dc on next st around, sl st on first dc (40)
R4. Ch 2, 2dc on same st, *ch 3**, hdc on 4th st, ch 3, 3dc on 4th st*around,  **slip st on ch2.
R5. Ch1, 1hdc on same st, *ch-3**, on 3rd st make dc2tog, ch-3, on 3rd st make hdc*,  **sl st on first hdc
R6, R8, R12. Repeat R4
R7, R9, R11, R13. Repeat R5
R14. Ch2, * ch-3** sc on 4th st, ch-3, on 2nd st make dc2tog* around, **sl st on ch2. Total of (10 ch-3 sp, 10 st)
R15: Ch1, sc on same st, *3sc on ch-3sp, sc on st* around, sl st on 1st sc. (40sc)
Slip stitch around for a finished look. Fasten off. 

I also make tutorial on HDD Celtic Cozy. This one is different because it acts like a purse for your hdd. It's composed of Back Post Treble Crochet and Front Post Treble Crochet. I added youtube videos to help you out as well. Good luck!

Happy Crocheting!


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