Friday, May 30, 2014

Andrea Purse

Summer is almost over, here in PH.. but before it does I just want to take this time to share this beautiful purse I made. This is to remind me of the summer I had. 

I made this for Andrea, she's a 3 yo cute and bubbly little girl and the daughter of my office mate. She loves pink like I do. :)

This purse was made in 3 parts using 8ply Local Cotton Yarn. I started with the 2 circles for front and back then the strap. First round was composed of 10 double crochets, I just kept on adding rows and stopped till I was satisfied with the size. Then I made another one, this time it has additional rows for the bottom part of the purse. BTW, on the opening where I put the zipper, I added 2 rows of sc on each circle. Then I joined the 2 circles with a slip stitch.

Andrea purse focusing the zipper
Before sewing the zipper I added the strap which is composed of 3 rows of single crochet done horizontally. This is to somehow prevent it from stretching too much. 

Andrea purse side view

There's a bit of green peering through on the side. I wish I could have gotten myself a bit of patience and made 2 rows of dc's and sew it there to make it more sturdy.

Andrea purse focusing the flowers

The roses I used were originally made as a head garland for our Christmas party last year. I couldn't think of any ways to put it into use so I decided to put it as a decoration instead. This was done by using  no 8 mercerized cotton thread and no 5 steel hook. For the pattern, there are many you tube tutorials you can find on how to make crocheted roses. :) 

I hope you are inspired to make one as well. ^_^

Happy Crocheting! 


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