Sunday, May 25, 2014

HDD Celtic Cozy

HDD Celtic Cozy

Materials used:
Hook G-6/4.00mm
8ply Local Cotton Yarn
Blunt Needle
Matching Thread

Finished Size: 

Stitch Used: (US Term)
Single Crochet = sc
Double Crochet or Back Post Treble Crochet = dc or bptr
Front Post Treble Crochet = fptr
Slip Stitched = sl st
Inverted Single Crochet 

Note: I used Double Crochet as a substitute to Back Treble Crochet.

1. For step 1-10 follow the tutorial by Bonnie for IPAD mini.
2. After finishing Step 10 Sl stitch around 

R1. Ch 2, dc on same st, dc on the next 24 st, 2dc on 25th st. Total of 28 dc (please take note of the hidden bptr or dc). 
R2. Ch 1, turn, sc on same st, sc on the next 25 st
R3. Ch 2, dc on same st, dc on next 25 st
R4. Rep R2
R5-R6. Rep R3
R7. Rep R2
R8. Ch1, sc on same st, sc on next 12 st, skip st, sc on next 12 st
R9. Rep R2
R10 Inverted Single Crochet around the flap. Fasten off.

Before sewing the button, make sure that HDD is inside to get the exact position.

HDD Celtic Cozy with open flap showing the HDD inside

Youtube Video Tutorials:
How to Crochet in Celtic Weave in the Round

How to make inverted single crochet:

How to make front and back post treble crochet:

Thank you for dropping by. I hope you are inspired to try this one too. 

Edited: I just finished the Lacy HDD Cozy tutorial which you can view here. :) Check it out.

Happy Crocheting!

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