Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Cookies and SereniTEA


Hi Dears! Just want to share this choco cookies I made over the weekend. They are fresh and delicious. This is a perfect pair for Serenitea's Choco Cookies Milk Tea. Would you like to try one? :) No problem, I've written a tutorial for you. 

Materials Used
Worsted Weight yarn (2 colors) in brown and mocha color
Blunt needle

Size: 2 1/2 in (approx)

Pattern Note: 1 cookie is work in 2 parts then sewn together. Circle is work continuously. You can also use whatever color of yarn you like. :)

Using Magic Ring
Use mocha colored yarn
R1. Chain 1, 7 sc in the loop (7)
R2. 2 sc in each st (14)
R3. [2sc (inc), 1 sc] x 7 (21)
R4. [2sc (inc), 2 sc] x 7 (28)
R5. [2sc (inc), 3 sc] x 7 (35)
R6. sc on each st (35) Slip st on next st. chain 1 and fasten off. 

After making the 2nd circle, leave at least 10 in before cutting the yarn. 

For the Chips: Using the brown yarn, make irregular stitches on the 1st circle. Same goes with the 2nd circle. Cut the yarn on both circle and place wrong side facing each other. Then began sewing the sides using the excess 10 in yarn on the 2nd circle. Cut the yarn and fasten off. :) 

I just discovered the joy of making yummy crochet desserts when I finished these cookies. I can't wait to make another one. My birthday is just few days away and I think it's time to make a crocheted cake. What do you think? Stay tuned.. :) For the meantime, let me tour you on one of my favorite place to go to when I want to enjoy a cup of tea. This place is very relaxing and I wouldn't mind crocheting on this beautiful place.

Choco Cookies Milk Tea

Serenitea in Tuscany McKinley Hills
Serenitea in Tuscany, McKinley Hills

Love these bonsai. 


Wheat grass
Wheat grass anyone?

Wall frame
Smile! :)

Thank you and Happy Crocheting! :) 

God bless!

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