Friday, May 9, 2014

Small Flower Tutorial

Here you go..

I used mercerized cotton yarn and a 5 IMIA hook on this project. You may use any type of yarn and hook you have. This is a very simple flower that you can finish in no time at all. :) Trust me. 

Small Flower Close up


Small Flower Tutorial Row 1 & 2
Round 1: Chain 5, slip St on first chain
Round 2: *Chain 3, slip st in the circle around*, slip st on first loop (5 loops)

Small Flower Tutorial Row 3
Round 3: *Chain 2, 4 Double Crochet in the loop, slip stich on next loop* around. Fasten off. 
I told you it's very easy. :) On the 2nd picture above you'll see the strand after I did the last slip stitch in the beginning loop. After cutting the yarn I inserted the hook from the back and pull the yarn backwards and fasten off. :) I hope you'll enjoy making them. I would love to see how you incorporate them on your next projects. You may want to checkout mine here. 

Alright, I'll leave you for now just in case you would like to make one right away. 

Happy Crocheting and advance Happy Mothers day to you and to your Mom!


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