Thursday, June 26, 2014

MBdC : Midnight Purse Tutorial

Hello! Few days ago I posted about a crocheted bonnet made by my brother Saldy. We were really surprised and overwhelmed by your warm support and so far it's one of the most clicked post on our site. :) Thank you very much. If you haven't read about it you may check it out here. There's a free pattern and we hope that you like it. 

Midnight Purse

Midnight Purse (different angles)

This midnight purse that he made was inspired by the simple crocheted necklace I posted early this month. When he saw the stitch he never stop asking me until I taught him how I did it. If you aren't familiar with crocodile stitch or leaf stitch, you may check out the video I posted below. This one was made by one of my favorite designer Bob Wilson. She has a lot of easy to follow tutorials in both written and video type. Here's the link of her facebook page. Make sure to click the like button so that you'll be notified of her future tutorials. 

This is the first time I made a diagram pattern and used a scanner to transfer it to the computer. The quality is different from the original but I still hope that you will like it. 
I posted 2 pictures. The first diagram shows the structure without the leaf stitch. The 2nd diagram shows with the leaf stitch. I had anticipated that the end result is not going to be neat that's why I took the picture first with out the leaf stitch. :D Alright so let's start with..

4.00 mm
Red Heart Celebration in Aqua/Silver
Cloth for lining (optional)
Needle for hand sewing
Matching Thread
Blunt Needle

Gauge: Not necessary

Size: 8 1/4 x 5 1/2 in (approx)

Stitches Used:
Stichs Used

Diagram 1
Diagram 1
Structure of the purse without the leaf stitch
This purse is crocheted in round so the only time you will cut the yarn is after slip stitching around. I posted a note on that below. Sorry if I was not able to put that in the diagram. As for Round 9-11, I can't figure out how to make a celtic weave so I just substituted it with half double crochet. You may check out the video tutorial here for the celtic weave stitch. This stitch is challenging at first but once you get the hang of it, you will love it! It's more like a basket weave but I like this one better. :) I've use it on my HDD cozy tutorial  as well.

Diagram 2:
Diagram 2

Leaf stitch: half double crochet, 4 double crochet, chain, 4 double crochet, half double crochet.

For the wristlet: Before joining the last sc on Round 12 make number of chains then join it by slip stitch on beginning chain. Make slip stitches around. 


For the lining: Lay the purse flat on the fabric. Measure the size of the purse then double it. Don't forget to add 1/2 in seam allowance. Sew the sides of the fabric (right side facing each other. Once your done place it inside the purse, fold the seam and sew it on the zipper. (Attached the zipper first on the purse before attaching the lining)

Thank you so much for visiting my page. :)

Happy Crocheting and God bless!

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