Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Choco Strawberry and Choco Mint Mini Cake Trinkets

Choco Strawberry and Choco Mint Mini Cake Trinkets

Hello Dears! Last June 30 I celebrated my 28th birthday. :) It was a happy day indeed with my small family around. This has been a fruitful year so far and I wish nothing more than a happy and peaceful life all year round. :) 

I love you all so much and I want you to feel this happy feeling I had when I first discovered this Mini cake trinkets. I was thinking of making crocheted cupcakes at first but putting a fiber fill is not that easy at all, especially for the first timer like me. So I thought of making these mini trinkets instead. :)

Tadaa.. this is my first attempt, a Choco Mint Mini Cake. 

Choco Mint Mini Cake Trinket

And this is my second attempt, a Choco Strawberry Mini Cake. I made this while writing the tutorial for you guys. :)

The small jar on the right side is just optional. You can use a plastic container or none at all.  
Choco Strawberry and Mini Jar topview

I guess these are also good for give-aways, don't you think? 
The small jar was actually a give-away on a wedding I attended. It has colorful chocolates inside and a sunflower with ribbon tied on the side. 
Choco Strawberry and Choco Mint Mini Cake Trinkets Side View
I used Red Heart Super Saver on the left bottom part and Baguio Yarn on the right.
Choco Strawberry: Bottom and Toppings
Choco Strawberry and Choco Mint Mini Cake Trinkets Top view
Sorry dears, I just can't get enough of these mini cakes. :D 

Choco Strawberry Side View
You may continue working on the back loop till the end if you like to cover the top part with ruffles. But if you prefer not to use a jar or anything like it, then you can just follow what I did. (picture above)  
Choco Strawberry Topview
I worked on the ruffles first then added the rose after.

You may find the free tutorial here for this cake trinket. You may also want to check these Choco chip cookies to add to your dessert. ;) Have fun and Happy Crocheting!

God Bless!


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