Monday, July 7, 2014

MBDC: Not your ordinary Market Bag

Brother's huge market bag. I think we can let Santa borrow it on Christmas Eve.. ;)

This market bag measures 29 in x 26 in with a total of 24 rows not including the border. He used 5.00 mm Susan Bates Crochet hook and 2 strands of Baguio Yarn held together throughout the pattern. 

Market Bag

Yep. That's my Market Bag pictured below. ;) Look how big my brother's market bag is.

His and Her Market Mag

So proud of my brother. Look how he used the electric tape to make a comfortable grip. 
The hardworking hook
The Hardworking Hook

I folded both bag 3 times vertically and rolled it. Brother's Market bag will surely consume space when stored but it will be a great storage to keep our yarns. 

Market Bags comparison

He's just recovering from a fever when I took these pictures early this morning. I would love to take pictures of him holding his creation. He put so much love and effort on this and I think it is only just to have him as the model of his lovely market bag. (I hope he'll buy my excuse.) So expect for part two of this post.

Checkout this link for more information about this crochet-along project. There's a youtube video included. :)

God bless and Happy Crocheting!


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