Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Star Flower

I had this Star flower for few months now. And back then I didn't know that I'll later call her a 'Star Flower'. (If you noticed she is very similar to the African Flower keychains I made, except this one has 5 petals) (I was very tired then, so I didn't notice that I made a Star Flower instead of African flower) And so she was neglected and alone on a small box. Then I decided to placed her in a jar along with some of the scrap threads and yarns from projects last year. And just recently, I fell in love with her simplicity and beauty..

Star Flower Garden

A friend asked me if I can make something that he can place at the top of his baby's crib. And I think these Star Flowers are the answer. :) 

I used double strand of No 8 Mercerized Cotton Thread through out the pattern, you can substitute it with any yarn you have on hand. And for the hook I used Susan Bates 3.25 mm, you can also substitute this with other size depending on the yarn/thread you will be using. And btw, the size of the finished flower is approximately 2 1/2 in. 

To start, make a magic circle, Ch 2, double crochet, ch 1, (*2 double crochet, ch 1*) x 4 slip st on ch 2. 

2nd Round. Slip st on ch 1 sp, (ch 2, dc, ch 2, 2 dc) on ch 1 sp, *(2dc, ch 2, 2 dc on next ch 1 sp)* x 4, slip st on beginning 2 chains

Onto round 3. Ch 1, 7 dc on ch 2 sp, sc on 3rd dc, *(7dc on ch 2 sp, sc on 3rd dc)* x 4, sl st on beg ch 1.
And your done! :) 


Box of Star Flowers

Star Flowers

I believe, these star flowers are also perfect as buntings. It'll be sure to brighten anyone's place. :) How about you? What are you going to make of these flowers? I would love to see what you have come up to. Be sure let me know, okay?

God Bless and Happy Crocheting!



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