Monday, July 7, 2014

My First ever Crochet-Along Project!
Market Bag
(4.00 mm hook, Baguio Yarn, 15 in x 18 in )

Last June, TCC has come up with a Market Bag Challenge. And the moment I found out about it, I immediately, yes immediately print out the pattern at work. HAHAHA. I was really crazy about the stitch. It was a lacy type of stitch that will eventually turn into rows of flowers, once you completed 2 rows. I was confident that I can  do it without watching the video, but I was wrong. Even if I read it multiple times I just couldn't figure out how to make those lacy stitches. And to save you for all the drama I've included the video below so you can watch it while doing your own market bag. 


I really had fun making this and with those wrap-wrap-wrap words, I think double treble is my new best friend. :) (and tell me if you can still hear Mikey saying those wrap-wrap-wrap words even after you watched the video). The flap  pictured below was my addition. As well as those rings and cute african flowers.  


And if you want to know, if my brother participated in the challenge as well.. I think he was overly excited when I told him about it. Please check this blog post and tell me he didn't. :D

Let me know if you want a free pattern of those african flower keychains I added as embellishments. 

God bless and Happy Crocheting!


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