Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Baby's Eye Candies

Baby's Eye Candies
Baby's Eye Candies

After all the attaching and detaching, finally it's done! Never thought that the balancing part would be difficult but it's worth all the effort. Do you think the baby will love it? 'Coz I'm drooling over it. If only I could keep it for myself to hang above my bed (without the questioning look of my mother and brothers) I will. (maybe I won't they'll think that their ate 'older sister' is getting weirder). 

w/ Star Flowers
The Star Flowers

The Butterfly
The Butterfly
I love how the hoop turn out to be like that of a dream catcher. I've created one without the pattern but it turned out so bad. It didn't stretch much (maybe because of too much stitch?) causing the middle to curve (yep, just like a sifter). I was a little depressed about it, good thing my brother made the dream catcher I so long requested. I just adjusted the stitch to fit the hoop and voila! (I will talk about the dream catcher on my next post.) 

Baby's Eye Candies Top View

By the way, in case your interested to where I got this hoop, I bought this along Tabora St. for 9 php only. I believe this one is use for embroidery, so it naturally comes in 2. 
The hoop measured 5 1/2 in in diameter and the thickness was about half an inch. I admit I had a hard time wrapping those side with single crochet at first but don't you worry, you'll enjoy it along the way.

I'm sure you are interested with the buntings I used, their pretty cute, ayt? No worries,  they are free patterns made by yours truly :) Just click on the link I included below: 

   ✿ Star Flower
   ✿ Butterfly

Cot Mobile/Dream Catcher
Ma-ma love the dleamm chatch--eerr. ;)

Thank you dears for stopping by. I hope you are doing great today. :)

God bless and Happy Crocheting!


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