Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Stitch-cation Summer Challenge

Hi Dears! New Challenge is up on The Crochet Crowd (TCC)! The challenge is to make squares with different stitches and sew together to make an afghan! And as what Mikee said: ""Stitch-cation is our summer long afghan project to get the concept of education plus doing also FUN, FUNKY, SUMMER COLORS and make it really INTERESTING as we go along". Come on let's make one! :D It is going to be my very first afghan and I am really excited to start mine. 

I know we are pretty late on this challenge but who cares? It doesn't matter if we finish this on time, what matter is we enjoy and learn on this challenge. :) I already pick the colors to use and they are all from Red Heart Super Saver. 

You may check out the pattern for this pretty small flower's here.

All line up! Read, Get Set, Crochet! 

To know more about this challenge, just click this link. It will lead you to The Crochet Crowd Website Stitch-cation page. I've also added Mikey's video below about his thoughts on this challenge. 


God Bless and Happy Crocheting! 


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