Friday, April 17, 2015

The Butterfly (Written Pattern)

Hello Dears! Thank you for sending me your warm regards and taking the time to follow my blog & fb posts. You just made me feel so special. :) For the past weeks, I've been getting requests to write a pattern for this cute creature. So I guess it's the right time.

I've written them down below and added some pics as well. I hope you like them. If you have any question, please drop me a message on my facebook page and I'll be happy to help. By the way here's the link to the graph pattern.

No 8 Monaco Mercerized Cotton Thread (175m)
Crochet steel hook no 2 or 1.95 mm
Magnets 1.5 cm (optional)

Special stitches:
Beginning Shell: (ch3, 2dc, ch3, 3dc)
Shell: (3dc, ch3, 3dc)

Few Simple Tips:
Use 2 strands of crochet thread throughout the rounds.
Cut yarn after each round
On each beginning round, I usually tie the new thread on the last ch3-space of the previous round


R1: Chain 12, slip st in first ch

R2: Ch3, 2dc, ch3, (3dc, ch3) x 2, (dc, ch3, dc, ch3), (3dc, ch3) x 3, (dc, ch3, dc, ch3), slip st on beginning ch3.

R3: Beg Shell on ch3 sp, 3 Shells on next ch3 spaces, skip ch3 sp, 4 shells on next ch3 spaces, slip st on beg chain.

R4: Beg Shell on ch3 sp, [*(ch1, dc on 3rd st, ch1)*, Shell] x 7 rep*to*, slip st on beg chain 3.

Fold the motif in half (follow the broken line on the pic).

For the Antenna: Using the color used on the last round, ch 20 with 2 strands held together. Tie the end of last chain. The excess thread on both ends is about half an inch. You may want to add magnets to help them stick on magnetic surface aka refrigerator. :)
I only used Elmer's All purpose glue, wait for it to settle a bit then put them on both wings.
That's our ref with our water bill. hehe

Happy Crocheting & God bless! 

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