Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Butterfly

Hi Dears! This post is related to the Star Flower I made early on. Since I will be using flowers, I thought butterflies are good addition too! Sorry if I took almost 2 weeks to blog about this. But I'm pretty sure you'll love it. :)

This pattern is not mine 'originally'. The butterfly was a give away on the Christening of a friend's Baby boy. It was an AHA! moment for me when I first laid my eyes on it. Back then, I was fond of crocheting purses and when I saw the crocheted butterfly I was really amazed by how it was done. From there, I studied how it was made that's where I got the butterfly pattern. By the way the giveaway had magnets on both wings so that it can be put on a refrigerator as a decoration. (sorry I forgot to take the picture)

I taught of making a written pattern but along the way I realized that it was harder than making a diagram.:) Let's start!


No 8 Mercerized Cotton Thread (2 strands held together throughout)

2.5 in (approx)


Butterfly Pattern

Photo Tutorial:

Phototutorial round 1

Phototutorial round 2

Phototutorial round 4

Phototutorial round 4

Sorry dears, I missed to take the photo of the butterfly transformation from a flower. But anyway's you can easily follow through without it. For the Antenna, just chain 20 then cut leaving both ends with half an in each. Fold the flower (wrong side facing each other), where the 3 ch space is parallel to each other. Insert the antenna on top of the 3 ch spaces and tie it. Yep, that's it!

Phototutorial round 5
Arrow pointing the 3 ch spaces.

Phototutorial round 6
Close up look of the butterfly

I always thought that butterfly was once a caterpillar, but I was wrong. Crochet taught me that butterfly was once a flower. :) You want proof? just scroll down. 


The Butterfly Transformation

The Butterfly Transformation

The Butterfly Transformation Final Stage
Flowers turned to Butterflies

I hope you love it as much as I do. :) (Update: Want to see them in action? I've use them as decor on this cot mobile I made. Come check it out.)

Thank you dears for all your support. I wish you all the best. You can follow me on Facebook as well. Feel free to post your finish projects there. I would really love to see yours. And as always, God Bless and Happy Crocheting!


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