Friday, August 19, 2016

First timer trip & some tips to HongKong

Up until now I still couldn't believe my first ever trip outside the Philippines. It felt surreal! All of a sudden I felt like I was inside of a magazine/film & that the photographer/director was just out there taking the best shot. I don't usually travel but this trip urges me to travel more and see the world. At the moment let me share with you a tip or two on my first travel to Hong Kong.

1. Airbnb app - when we were looking for an affordable place. We got it from here. I've written a full blog post about it & the place we stay here. If ever your decided here's the referral link where you can claim additional fund to your travel.

2. MTR Mobile app - this is very helpful it gives info about the travel time, fare, exits, shops & more importantly it works even when offline.

3. Klook app - short for 'Keep Looking'. Let's admit it even when we have budget for travel we always look for the best deal. This is what we use for our admission to Ocean Park & Disney Land. The receipt can be use directly as ticket so no need to wait on the line plus it's discounted! Here's the referral link for additional discount.

4. Octopus Card & Flyers - These are the things we looked for when we landed. Flyers are very helpful when looking for the current happenings on the area, tips on travelling HK etc. Octopus Card can be use when riding MTR, BUS or even paying meals. Loading is very convenient too! We load ours via MTR machine but you may also load it on 7'11. Before exiting to the waiting area flyers can be seen on the side with a miniature of the airport & map as well. As for buying the octopus card, we had a hard time locating the kiosks not because it's hidden, it's just right under our nose! Haha. When you exit to waiting/arrivals area, the kiosks are located just right in front of the airport express loading area. 

5. Google/ google map - Last but not least is Mr Google. We used it to search for the cool places to go to. Google map is very helpful especially when we just want to walk. :)
**screenshot to sneakers place**
*Put Screenshot*

I hope this post helps you on your HongKong Travel. :) Wishing you a wonderful adventure.

Btw, I've also written some blogs regarding our HK travel below.

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Thank you for reading. :)

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